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Business would not only take you through the technical aspects of running a business with subjects like Corporate Law, Marketing, Economics, Accounting etc. but would also help strengthen your soft skills and leadership capabilities.

Message from the HOD

Business Studies helps you to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives you a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages you to think about how and why people start up in business and why you too might also consider starting a businessAs well as developing the essential transferable or ‘soft’ skills that employers demand, the following strengths are also cultivated through business studies:critical thinking and analytical skills, alongside familiarity with evaluative techniques; numeracy and the ability to research, interpret and use business and financial data and information;self-reliance, initiative and the ability to manage time, projects and resources;appreciation of the causes and effects of economic and other external changes,a creative problem-solving approach and sound, logical decision-making skills;effective and persuasive written and oral communication skills; understanding organizational behavior and structure.

The business department offers quality services to its clients. Being a new college, the department has grown since the college was established in the year 2015.there is a high demand for the courses offered under this department. Our students are well disciplined and this has made them excel in their performance.In addition to our clients excelling in academics, they have contributed greatly to the success of co-curricular activities in the institute like soccer, volleyball, athletics, handball etc. Entry requirements to diploma courses is KCSE C- and for certified public accountants mean grade of c+ and c+ in English and mathematics. All certificate courses require KCSE Artisan courses D- and KCPE certificate. The courses offered in the department include

Serial No. Course Title Entry Requirements Duration Exam Body
1 Diploma in Accountancy KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
2 Diploma in Human Resource management Mod 1,2 and 3 KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
3 Diploma in Supplies Chain Management Mod 1,2 and 3 KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
4 Diploma in Business management Mod 1,2 and 3 KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
5 Diploma in Library information studies KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
6 Certificate in Supplies Chain Management mod 1 and 2 KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
7 Certificate in Human Resource Management mod 1 and 2 KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
8 Certified Public Accountant (CPA) mean grade of C+ and C+ in English and C+ in Mathematics 3 terms sandwitch KASNEB
9 Artisan In Store Keeping KCSE C- 3 terms sandwitch Knec
10 Computer Packages NA 3 months Internal
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