Dean of Students Office

Message from the Dean of Students-Mr. S.Waweru

The contemporary world is so dynamic and as an Institution the changes have to be embraced. Technology is catching up with us and students therefore must continue updating their skills to be in line with the demands of the labor market. The College has the best physical facilities and a conducive environment for learning. It’s with this in mind that we have been able to provide programs, resources and services that enable students learn and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally to be able to take up leadership tomorrow. We also facilitate and monitor operations of clubs, societies and participation in co-curricular activities. We normally conduct orientation for new students to introduce them to the various areas and offices that provide welfare services such as guidance and counseling, catering and accommodation, sports, and operation of clubs and societies. The Student Union has been very invaluable in providing necessary Leadership and mentorship.

Student Leaders occasionally meet their peers and deliberate on their needs and capability for behavioral changes. We have embraced the open door policy in dealing with students. An important aspect to students’ success is discipline. Students have always been assisted to cope with changes in life through guidance and counseling. Parents are encouraged to keep closer to their children and above all understand them as they pursue their careers. To all the stakeholders, thank you for your continuous support. May the Almighty God bless ALDAI T.T.I.

Helb Loans for Students

HELB provides Technical, Vocational & Education Training [TVET] loans and bursaries to eligible applicants in the public TVET Institutes recognized by the Ministry of Education[MoE], a member of the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI] and placed by Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service [KUCCPS]

Importance Information To Students:

  • Term One: 4th jan 2019-25th march 2019
  • Term Two: 9th May 2019-29th July 2019
  • Term Three: 5th Sept 2019-25th Nov 2019