About ATTI

The piece of land on which this Institute stands at Kemeloi shopping centre,Kamimei Sub-Location, Mugen Location, Aldai Division, Aldai Constituency, Nandi South Sub-County, Nandi County was set aside by the late Paramount Chief Daudi KipropTiti to be public land for use to put up Government projects in future and Nandi County has been holding that land in trust for the community. In the year 2009 the area Member of Parliament who was Hon Dr. Sally Kosgei asked the District commissioner about where to put up a Technical Institute and leaders proposed Kemeloi area because there is enough land for it.The area chief Mugen then called a locational leaders meeting and informed them about the project.

A committee was elected and they did some meetings at the locational level. The land that was required was 50 Acres. Kemeloi Boys donated 40 Acres, Kemeloi Health Centre donated 8 Acres and Kemeloi Trading Centre donated 2 Acres totaling to 50 Acres. Constituency Development Fund assisted in the funds that was used to survey and prepare a new Title deed to the Institute. The title was then consolidated and a title deed Kemeloi Nandi plot No 1151 was issued to the institute.The interim committee was established to oversee the project that comprised of 13 members headed by Mr. Joseph Sang as the chair, Mrs. Mary Kiprotich as the treasurer and Mr. Jacob Songok as the secretary.Construction work started in 2011 to 2013 Sponsored by African Development Bank. The first phase was completed in December 2014 and Ol`lessos Technical Training Institute came in as a mentor and the first batch of students joined in on January 2015 for Business Courses

Mission,Vision & Core Values

MISSION:"To provide diversified Vocational Technical and Industrial skills relevant to market demands for sustainable, individual, National and Global development."

VISION: "To transform society through acquisition of skills, competences and innovation for Self-reliance." "

CORE VALUES: • Integrity • Quality • Accountability • Professionalism• Commitment • Leadership • Diversity

The TVET Act 2012 is an act of Parliament that provided for the establishment of a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system. The broad objectives of the Act are;  To provide for governance and management of institutions offering technical and vocational education and training;  To provide for assessment, examination and certification; to institute a mechanism for promoting access and equity in training;  To assure standards, quality and relevance; to provide and for purposes incidental thereto or connected therewith. In line with the Sessional Paper No. 14 of 2012 and TVET Act of 2012, the TVET agenda that captures the sector of interest as obtained from Kenya Vision 2030, the ST&I challenges, ST&I interventions, and strategic technology platforms.

The Aldai Technical Training Institute was established as a public institute under the provisions of the Education Act (Cap 211). The vision, mission and objectives have been developed in line with the prevailing external and internal conditions which will guide its growth and development. In response to the dynamic society, the Institute is addressing the goals and objectives as expressed in TVET Act 2012, the goals enshrined in the Kenya Vision 2030, MTP II, MDGs, Ministry’s Sessional papers and issues contained in the Kenya constitution. Emerging opportunities and challenges require continuous planning and reviewing by the Institute in order to enhance performance, customer focus and optimal service delivery, strengthening corporate image and social responsibility. The plan therefore articulates the Institute’s position within the contemporary trends in TVET education system, emerging issues and challenges, carries out situational analysis, outline strategic issues and activities, reviews the institutional action plans, make projection while assessing financial resources and puts in place strategies and mechanisms for implementation, monitoring and evaluation