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Performance Contracting

Performance contracting

Mr. Stephen Waweru - PC Coordinator

ALDAI T.T.I ventured in Performance Contracting back in the Financial Year 2017-2018 and signed Contract between the Government of the Republic of Kenya and Board of Governors Aldai.

Performance Contracting is a management tool.  It’s a concept directed toward ensuring that Institutional projects and programmes (hereby referred to as performance targets) are realized using the allocated financial and material resources within agreed timelines. The purpose is to establish the basis for ensuring that efficient and effective services are delivered to the stakeholders. It also ensures that Aldai T.T.I adopts systems that enable Innovativeness and adaptability of public services to the needs of users – according special attention to strategies and initiatives that will fast track post COVID-19 recovery strategies and plans.

Performance Contract basically represents a basis for continuous performance improvement that meets the needs and expectations of the public

Perfomance Contracting Cordinator