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Finance Department

Performance contracting

CPA Peter K. Saggas – Finance Officer

The Finance Department has two qualified staff members with the core responsibility of handling the financial matters of the institute on behalf of the accounting officer (Chief Principal) and the Board of Governors of Aldai TTI. As a team, we diligently undertake the roles as expected from the Department. The core functions of the department include implementing the institute’s financial policies and procedures, financial reporting, systems control and assist in risk management, facilitating audits and implementing tax obligations among other legal aspects and enhancement of Corporate Ethics so as to satisfy all stakeholders through transparency and accountability among other functions. Prudent financial policies and practices have been put in place for the success of the institution. I am glad to note that we have discharged our mandate diligently and we shall continue to do so even more prudently going forward with the co-operation of all players. We continuously strive to improve on service delivery and customer satisfaction in our department. We look forward to continue working with all our internal and external customers for the success of Aldai TTI.

Finance Officer